Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Sewing Continues

Saturday 2nd February 2008

Well my plan has been to finish off all the sewing I have here... and that plan has been 'there' for a while and while I have started I haven't made nearly as much progress as I would have liked. Most things are just waiting for final snapping or hems, and then off to new homes as gifts.
I'll keep some of the nappies I had made for Brenna and put them in her keepsake box, and the rest I'll loan out... once they all come back though I'm not sure what to do with them, being they are mostly NB and size small, with a few mediums here and there.
I have some nappies to finish as gifts for new babies born in the last six months like these for 'Baby R' (Sea Life set above left) as well as general sewing.

Today I bought a pair of three quarter shorts for Brooke from the Op Shop and knew they needed taking in, so I thought for once I'll do it as soon as I get home indtead of putting it in a pile to 'do later'... I'd nearly finished them and that's when the overlocker made a very strange noise and now is missing stiches here and there... so that looks like it will have to go in for a service... in the meantime I will do what sewing I can around that.
I have some night nappies to sew for a friend - M, I haven't forgotten, I'll just need to wait for the overlocker to come back...

I did contemplate making a list of personal unfinished projects but thought the length of that list might not be altogether encouraging (!), so will just take one unfinished thing at a time and when that's done, will just pick up the next thing. Also keen to finish the four Birth Sampler cross stitches I have here, one for each of the children.

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