Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well Can't We Just Make Some Mum?

The other day, Brooke (8yrs) came across some Philly cheese in the fridge, in date, and wanted to know could we make some 'Snails'. I replied that we could but I didn't think we had puff pastry. She said well can we just make some pastry? (since her Dad makes pastry for apple pie).
I said hmmm well I think there's a reason most people don't make puff pastry... it's not as easy as shortcrust style, I don't know what it involves, but that's the impression I've always had.. well Mum she says, can you just do a search on the computer and see if there's a recipe... so we did.
Brooke decided yes she wanted to make puff pastry.
It took half of that day and half of the next morning but she did it. Before I went out (it was nearly finished) I said to her to do a 'draft cook' with a test piece and see how it turned out. Well When I got home the 'Snails' were made...

They were love-l-y! Here is the recipe Brooke used for the puff pastry. And here's the simple way to make 'Snails', a recipe we picked up from a playgroup Mum ages ago, so thankyou 'T'.
  • One slab/pkt Philly Cheese
  • One packet Continental brand French Onion Soup Mix
  • 1 egg (which I think you can omit if you prefer)
lay out your sheet of puff pastry (bought usually!). In a bowl mix the other ingredients, then spread some on the pastry. Then roll the pastry into a 'log', and cut 'rounds' off the log. Lay the 'rounds' flat on tray and bake in hot oven. Yum!

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