Friday, February 01, 2008

On Party Food Ideas...

Ok this is going to be an 'update every other whenever' post lol - because the lists could be added to never-endingly, not just as we go places but as we come up with new ideas... and finally remember previous ones! We've been to and hosted our fair share of parties over the years, children's parties I mean, at various locations and with variations on party food...
so I thought I'd list some of the party foods we've done or seen that we liked, and pics if I have them, in case anyone is looking for ideas for birthday parties! Of course you need to ensure for yourself, that the food is age and diet appropriate.

  • fruit kebabs - done on paddlepop sticks instead of pointy skewers. Put whatever types of fruit you like, and optional drizzle of melted chocolate
  • popcorn - plain, buttered, salted, however you like it.
  • piled-high platter of watermelon wedges
  • muffins - home made in advance and frozen you can accomodate any guest with food allergies or intolerances, or life-style choices. Optional to ice/frost as cupcakes in a chosen colour or to match the party theme or with children's initials. Also optional flavours - banana, sultana, carrot cake muffins etc
  • Wedges - home made if you like - sauces and sour cream for dipping
  • shaped sandwiches - use favourite biscuit cutters to cut to shape to match the theme of the party, or the favourite of the Birthday Child.
  • Orange 'boats', celery boats
  • dips and assorted things to dip in them!
  • home made sausage rolls/pasties etc - always a hit and you know what's in them - again you can freeze and gently reheat if you prefer to make in advance.
  • home made slice, cake, biscuits etc - again you can customise to the party 'theme' if you have one
  • for sausage sizzles I recommend (thanks Aunty R!) the mini hotdog buns especially for smaller children as they rarely eat it all!
  • Honey Snaps or Honey Joys
  • Weekender Biscuit
Will come and add more as I remember them, or when the next Birthday Party has been!

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