Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Lemongrass Haul and 'free' Magic Pudding celery

This lemongrass plant, gifted from a friend's garden many years ago, was quite neglected and definitely part feline as it had several lives and near-plant-death experiences before it was planted in one of the bath tub gardens.   Lucky lemongrass.  It went nuts in there.  Completely loopy and grew and grew, getting thicker round the girth very fast.

So I divided it up on the weekend and cut a bunch to give away (via trimming off the tops to lessen the transplant shock).  Plenty of plants for potting up, putting in different spots where there are bare patches and putting just one 'piece' back in the original bathtub.  It will be thick, lush, healthy and in need of dividing again very soon!  I am yet to make the ginger and lemongrass tea that my friend N makes, which is one of the few herbal type teas I like.  Many I like the smell of but not many I taste!

And this is the fifth or sixth time lucky, 'Magic Pudding' celery plant.  You might know that if you buy a bunch of spring onions at the shop, you can plant the bottoms once you've used the tops and then they reshoot and you never buy spring onions again.  Well I thought I would try the same with celery.  The first half a dozen tries failed for various reasons - rot (too much water), too little water, slaters at it etc but this one has finally worked.  I am pleased because I don't often use a whole or half bunch of celery and while I do chop and freeze what I don't need right away, this is a great option for fresh celery for cooking whenever I need it.

Do you have a favourite 'Magic Pudding' plant in your garden?

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