Monday, June 03, 2013

Home Made Custard and Chugly Apple Tea Cake

R has recommeded this recipe several times and I've made it a couple of times.  However, with requests by Master8 all through summer of 'can we make custard this winter?' ... well it was a perfect opportunity.  So, home made vanilla custard from this recipe at and some 'Chugly Apple Tea Cake' as it's now known at our place.

second bowl.  egg yolk, sugar and cornflour.
 No, I didn't use olive oil in the custard lol that was next to the stove top from dinner.  It's a simple enough recipe, this custard one and I'll use it again.  I just need to remember to make meringue/quiche the next day to use up the egg whites.

Master 8 whisked the whole time.  This is an achievement for him!  I was quite impressed that he didn't get a 'sore arm' and whisked if for the whole thirteen minutes (I had been whisking for two minutes when he came into the kitchen and asked to

It went down very well.  Very creamy custard and a perfect combination with this cake.  Thanks R for the recipe for the Apple Tea Cake!

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