Sunday, May 19, 2013

Milo Bars, Blueberry Mini-Breads and L.O.Quiche

Despite the several hours of baking already this week, most of it wasn't for us and the rest that was was gone so it was time to bake again for the freezer.  I like to have muffins, biscuits and slice in the freezer ready for school lunches, impromptu visitors/afternoon tea etc.

Milo slice coming out of the oven
Then I read 'Making School Lunches Easier:  The Home-Made Sandwich-Plus Plan' and I thought yeh, probably time to get cracking.  So that's what I did while I was doing the paperwork (bills, permission slips etc).

Milo Bars.  VERDICT: This was a recipe via Google and it's ok but I think needs to be a little bit more moist and maybe needs sultanas in it.  Either that or drizzle with Fairtrade chocolate and sprinkle with Milo after it's baked but unfortunately I do think it needs something more...  then again... I might just need another recipe altogether since I'm trying to reduce the products I buy that are Nestle, of which Milo is one...

Blueberry Mini-Breads.  VERDICT: This was another recipe via Google and I think I made a mistake somewhere (and maybe I did with the flour) because they did not turn out like muffins, but heavy bread.  So I will try the recipe again maybe, or try this Donna Hay one instead.  I re-labelled them mini-breads in the hopes of PR working and them getting eaten.  Then we halved a few and put cream.  No go - ended up in the worm farm.

my $3 op shop tin

I found this Cranberry Bread recipe via the Sandwich-Plus link and pumpkin bread, and thought maybe I could try that with the blueberries instead.

L.O. Quiche - leftovers quiche using puff pastry.  Easy as.  Puff pastry in a muffin tin (Glad Bake or similar to line), chuck in your veg, salt and pepper (forgot the spring onion and herbs... oops) and any other herbs you want, whisk up some egg/milk and put that in and top with cheese and in it goes, about 200C fan forced.  THESE I was happy with and there will be lucky to be any left by tomorrow.

Feel free to share any wicked 'lunchbox/freezer' recipes you have, especially a good blueberry one
PS 'N' I looked on your recipe page but couldn't see one :) if I just missed it please let me know x

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