Friday, March 01, 2013

Tomato - Green, Zebra and Otherwise

In the garden, some of what I could find ripening.  I also found what I think are Beam's Yellow Pear tomato fruit happening too, this morning.  I really like them esp in salads for some colour variety.

Zebra tomato - though I cannot remember if I planted the red zebra or the green zebra... oops.  So the question now is do I wait to see if it goes red, or do I think this is going to be the green ones?  I have a similar kind of problem with my Granny Smith apples.  While with the Pinkerbelle's, I know they will go read so have some idea of how to test for readiness, for the Granny Smiths, of course they're green... so no idea how to tell if they're ready...  anyone?

This photo is the strawberry patch that isn't really a strawberry patch, but one long louvre door, laid on top of two milk crates and bricks, with heaps of pots of strawberries on top.  I find that if the pots are mulched well, and if the small pots are all stacked in a cardboard box (for insulation), then they don't dry out and actually seem to thrive.  Also, the bees come for their morning water from the drips, and we seem to get less slater damage on the strawberries too.  Win all round.

tomato flowers kinda remind me of free-fall parachuters lol
Maybe if I put in one more bed of toms now, we might again make it to the end of next winter, without having to buy tomato.  I like that idea a lot!  Having just scored some more secondhand materials (with thanks), I think I can almost double our current growing space out the front, at least, or maybe a fraction less than double but either way.  Still pretty darn awesome.

oh, and tomorrow morning, an update on the 'Ethical Dairy' post.  A good update :)

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Lola Jones said...

The tomatoes look great
Dont know how to tell when a green tomato is ripe!!!

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