Saturday, February 23, 2013

Apparently VERY GOOD Gluten-Free Choc Chip Cookies

Yes, I said 'cookies' (and gluten-free and yummy in the same sentence)!~  It's a US blog with a US recipe so that's what they're called (for all you Aussies, it's ok just call 'em biscuits).  They sure look good and if I had all the ingredients I'd be making them today!  I'm especially looking forward to these because they could be an option for when I want to 'bake n take' for a friend who's daughter also can't wheat...

Linkback here to Leigh Anne's recipe post

Leigh Anne over at 'Your Home Based Mom' (or is it 'Thirty HandMade Days'?) has very kindly agreed to share her photo and her recipe with me, over here for her Gluten-Free Choc Chip Cookies that were so yummy, her family kept asking 'are you sure these are gluten-free?'.  Anyway, these are on my to-bake list - if you make them up before I do please let me know how you go!

I have to call the bread shop to see about coconut flour particularly, and see if they have all the other flours too to make up Leigh Anne's 'gluten free flour' mix.  Then I'll be rockin'.  Wheat and I aren't getting along so well lately so this would be a great find if it tastes as good as I am sure it will.  Thankyou Leigh Anne!

Update:  For anyone else reading, All About Bread does sell everything except cornstarch (which you can get in the shops, and I know White Wings is pure cornflour no wheat, as we used to use that on baby bums and in socks!) and they don't sell coconut flour but suggested try the health food shops.  Check availability before you head down there though, oh and tapioca flour is also known as 'arrowroot' and you can get that in the shops as well.
Further Update:  Tried 'Good Life' Warwick Health Food Shop, they do have organic coconut flour and I think I got the lucky last one so do ring ahead to see if they have any, if you're going there.

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