Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Birthday - Turning 8

Yes, it's nearly time for the next birthday.  Master Zeke turns eight in just a few weeks and with Summer UNI finished and 1st Semester beginning, I thought I should get started!  I really loved this blog post from Frontier Dreams, and have been kindly given permission to share this photo and link.

Frontier Dreams - A Sweet Boy Turns Two.

I am thinking I might do a variation on this for Zeke's cake.  That would completely omit the icing (hooray) and be way easy in terms of preparation, especially compared to some of the cakes I've done before.
3D Cakes (Debbie Brown and Women's Weekly)
All-Fruit Cakes
Cakes in General
Now to go through my 'cake tin molds' and see what I have, or hire one from the cake tin shop.

The rest of their amazing day at Frontier Dreams, I can only dream of making possible so it's on with the thinking caps and see how we go!  We have birthdays in Feb, March, May, May, August, September and November.  So it's always 'almost someone's birthday' lol

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