Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'The Farm' and Our Stay

How lucky were we... we (two Mums and seven children) had the opportunity this week to stay on a Farm and it was just a bliss-out.  I came home feeling like I'd been away for ages but in reality it was just days.  5 acres, paddock and national park butting up to it.  away.  away from the noise and busy and squish and grrr of the city.

I was completely spoilt and was given the Master bedroom.  Certainly the loveliest 'farmhouse' I've ever stayed in! I also got to read TWO whole books - that weren't related to UNI! lol admittedly I kind of devoured them in the space of 2-3 hours each, but it was goooood. lol

sliding door to large ensuite, double shower head, double vanity.

dining room
one of three bedrooms

so many of these seeds on the breeze

playing in the paddock

spot the child.

The previous owners had completed renovating almost all of the house except the sleepout, kitchen and laundry.  They had made a couple of additions as well, as you can guess.  I love the old double laundry concrete trough and brickwork in the laundry... a little bit of 'long ago' and I remember the old double concrete laundry trough at my Nanna and Grandad's - doing the washing with Nanna in the twintub and then loading it into the wheelbarrow alllll the way over to the main house to peg up.

I know I want more than ever to pursue my dream of getting a block and setting up for self-reliance.  I've always known it but the drive and desire is only getting stronger.  I just need to figure out how to make it happen...  A block of about 5acres minumum, where the neighbours are in the distance and your thinking space and breathing space is your own.  Hard work yes, but the kind of hard work I love.  Then, just being there, just sitting in the breeze as the late afternoon sun filters through the tall trees, sort of gently blows away 'stuff' that really you don't need to take up space in your brain for.

Thankyou very much to A and Family, and to Stacey for making it happen!  I, and we, appreciate it very very much and really did enjoy being able to get 'out' and just breathe out for a little bit. x


Niki Jones said...

That place looks amazing K, so beautiful. Yes you are a girl after my own heart. But how the bloody hell do we make it happen. I'll do ya a deal, if I win BIG in the lotto I'll buy you one( a 5 acre farmlet of your choice )& visa-versa. Sounds like a plan. Niki x

Kristy said...

sounds like a plan to me too Niki!

I figure that if I can get UNI finished and get some work, and try and balance that with everything else, that would be a start lol

PS, if I ever find a 10+ acre block on two titles, I'll let ya know. My biggest req is rainfall :) after that, take it as it comes.

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