Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby Basket with a Natural/Organic Approach

My Husband asked me to do up a basket for his work colleague, who's baby is due very soon.  I like to try and include natural/organic and Fairtrade items so included in the basket was:

Hand made taggie/knot toy similar to this one I made for Quinn a few years ago

these also had a little label done up and attached to them

hand made supersoft bamboo wipes 

perspective poem (not my composition) that I like to include with 'New Baby' gifts and it reads:

Cleaning and scrubbing

will wait till tomorrow,
For children grow up,

as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs.

Dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby

and babies don’t keep.

little tags for each itemwith either green, orange or blue backing card

Fairtrade chocolate, Fairtrade Organic English Breakfast Tea (the Mum's preference is English Breakfast), White Wings Pure Cornflour (to refill the Gaia Cornstarch powder), Gaia Baby Cornstarch Powder, Gaia Baby Moisturiser, Organic Olive Oil, Fairtrade Drinking Chocolate.  Almost each item had a little tag of explanation/uses to go with it, tied on with a little bit of matching sheer white ribbon.

The Gaia Baby Moisturiser is great as is, but when the bottle gets to half full, I used to top it up with water and shake and it was great to use on cloth wipes at nappy change time.  Just pop the wipes in with the nappies to wash (no soaking, modern cloth) or with towels.  Easy.  

The olive oil might look like a strange addition so this is the little tag I wrote to go with it:

Just a few drops in baby's

bath water will help protect

and soothe delicate skin without

the use of chemicals or soaps.

You'll also notice the difference

after baby's bath, on your hands as well.

Because really, babies don't need lots of 'stuff' in the bath water.  Sometimes their heels get a little dry but they're not out playing in the mud or anything.  A few drops of olive oil is all that's needed, if at all.

putting it all together

some quick links that may be of interest with a little magnet stuck to the back

all basketed up and ready to go.  The colour theme for the basket was blue, orange and a pleasant light green tissue paper.  I liked it's finished look much better without the cello (and unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it before I wrapped it, and it was a little late for the light to take a photo after I wrapped it) but it has to handle a little bit of travel to get there so cello couldn't be helped.  I hope it's useful for the New Family.


Niki Jones said...

What an amazingly thoughtful gift. You rock. I would of loved that as a new Mum. So clever & very, very thoughtful. Well done. You could go into business, seriously. What a great idea. x

Mich said...

Awesome little package Kristy!

By the way if you know anyone looking to get some BB's I still have some old stock here to sell off (at cost)

Kristy said...

Thanks Michelle :) I started listing every nappy I ever liked lol and thought that might be a bit overwhelming so then I listed Darlings and Nurture Nappies, figuring that would cover 'em :)

Niki thanks, I hope they find it useful.

PS I don't think I'd do that well - plenty of people out there doing it already and who probably know a LOT more about the business of baby baskets, than me, but thanks.

Bami said...

I love this basket - very thoughtful & useful!

Bami said...

I love this basket - very thoughtful & useful!

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