Tuesday, October 16, 2012

with beef instead...

San Choy Bow but with beef instead of chicken, as the recipe called for (no fresh free range chicken mince at the shop when I went).  I don't know if that alters the name of the dish in translation, but it tasted goooood.

A little challenging esp for the kids because (a) the meat mix was hot and the lettuce was thin, so they 'double wrapped' (b) all the juices ran down their arms lol.  But I said hey, it must be comparatively easy, if you're used to using chopsticks!

So this one was a winner (except Master 3 fell asleep before dinner - he would have voted out the lettuce and eaten the rest and Master 7 who I forgot to take his out of the pan before adding the soy sauce).  Some of it is going to school tomorrow in wholemeal wraps for lunch For Ms 13 and Master 10.  Another option for dinner would be to up the hoi sin and soy sauce and serve with brown rice - and - crime of all crimes - I forgot the garlic!

The recipe called for carrot, shallots, celery etc but I added some purple cabbage, extra colours capsi and whatever else.  It looked great going in the pan - not sure if the phone photos capture the colours enough.

Oh, and I found buckwheat flour (thanks The Crone and Bruise Mouse ... for referring me to your sources) at All About Bread, very helpful and I left with what I needed (while resisting the tempation to purchase the 'french stick/baguette' bread tin).  So I will try the buckwheat pancakes again and in the meantime try and hunt down the 12WBT standard flour pancake recipe as well.

eta San Choy Bow recipe via Michelle Bridges Crunch Time Cookbook.

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