Saturday, October 13, 2012

1 x reserved verdict, 1 x YUM!

Today I made x3 batch of standard pancakes for the 1 adult, 5 kids (1 extra sleeping over) and I attempted some buckwheat pancakes for me to try.  Now, two things.  I reserve judgement on them because (a) I didn't have buckwheat flour and couldn't find it at the shop, so substituted and ditto had to use Orgran Egg sub instead of egg (bit early for the girls to have laid this morning), and (b) they looked great (seen below, folded over, 2 on the plate).

But still a little dense and squishy for my liking.  So I will redo them another time using all the proper ingredients and then make the call.  I did for the first time ever, buy cottage cheese (as the recipe called for it) so hey, points in that dept for being adventurous, right?

So I reverted to what is now my standard morning fare (quite different from what was 'a cup of tea for breakfast and maybe a bit of something, if I remembered' not that long ago)...

Muesli (actually a very tasty combination) with bran, oats, raisins, sunflower seeds, pepitas and cranberries. 1/2 cup serve in the morning with skim lactose-free milk - or 'blue milk' as the boys call it, because the carton is blue.

and low fat/sugar yoghurt and strawberries.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of low fat (as of last week I wouldn't even look twice at low fat) BUT if you compare this yoghurt to the back of the packs of the other yoghurt, they have 2-3x more fat and sugar than this one.  Do I really need 'extra fat' yoghurt?  In this era where manufacturers load everything with sugar where you wouldn't think to look for it (breads, sauces), do I really need extra sugar?  Don't get me wrong, my usual day used to consist of fairly reasonable stuff.  Salads, fruits, wholemeal bread, pasta, stir fry, home made pizza, muffins etc home cooked lots of stuff, less artificial numbers, colours, flavours, organic where we can etc, just that I am wary of the unnecessary fats and sugars that creep in and that are another thing that our bodies just don't need.  So if you can have food you like and it's better for you, why not?

The bottom line is this yoghurt tastes good.  If it doesn't taste good I am not interested and if it's loaded with artificial stuff to make it taste great instead of the natural fats and sugars, then it's out as well.  So with this combo I get a good great tasting and healthy breakfast.  nothin' wrong with that.

I've been checking out some of the Michelle Bridges books for recipes and so far so good (with the exception of the pancakes but I don't think this morning was a fair trial of them).

now... if I can just get hold of enough hanging baskets to put my strawberries in, maybe that will stop the darn slaters eating them before I do!  And as Brooke said, they could at least eat the WHOLE thing Mum, instead of just making a great hole in one side.  here here!


The Crone at Wits End said...

You can find buckwheat at either

or at Prime Indian Grocers at Coventrys :)

Kristy said...

thankyou m'dear!

(PS is buckwheat worth having in a recipe?)

Bruise Mouse said...

Wow, Kristy. Those pancakes look delicious.
You can also try All About Bread in Greenwood or Weigh and Pay in Woodvale.
Looking forward to reading about the next pancake experiment.

Kristy said...

Ah brilliant, thankyou! Off to check out their page :)

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