Saturday, October 27, 2012

Purple carrots, tiny apples and other stuff

One end of the carrot patch (read: bathtub bed on legs) is loaded with carrots and the other end is quite sparse.  I put this down to it being on a slight slope and the seed running down mostly to one end, and to the 'warrigal greens' or NZ spinach that kinda took over down there (but didn't seem to bother the carrots that were growing there, incidentally).

So I pulled (early) the few carrots that were down that end, to make way to plant something else.  The other half of the bathtub bed I'll leave those carrots to grow up big.  here's the little purple guys (and a stray round orange carrot from the silverbeet bed).

... and here's our two tiny Pinkerbelle apples.  First apples ever.  They are about the size of small marbles.  Very excited.  Hope they make it.

liddle plums about the size of a large marble at the mo.

peaches still going ok in peach-protection

carrot patch (bathtub bed)

silverbeet patch (bathtub bed)

mandarine and clear sky.

Was very warm today but still nice to be out in the garden in the late arvo.


Niki Jones said...

All looking fab. Let you a reply over on mine. All good, will must dothat catch up when I get back I would love that. Niki x

Kristy said...

sorry Nik, I suck - I can't find your reply over at yours... but it's probably just me... xo
have a ball. a MASSIVE fun memorable aawesome time. :)

eta definitely suck - coz I just found it. Must have had a 'boy look' as I was told the other day

much safe travel wishes

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