Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Raspberry, chocolate, puff pastry, fetta... spinach, leek...

Last night at our place we had two Mums and six children. The Dads were away fishing for the week. We started at 3pm. Between us two Mums there was a divine fetta+veg puff pastry quiche,

home made pizza including the bases

(just the dough - no pics of the finished pizza - tho it was very colourful!)

(topped with home grown yellow and red cherry and grape toms, home grown leek and spring onion), and then a large white bowl of whole mini steamed potato with butter and garlic chives, and another bowl each with lettuce from the garden and sweet corn kernels.

For dessert we had 'tweek the recipe' apple pie

(pardon the lighting)

(not enough green apples, so mixed with red apples and a different pastry) and this bittersweet chocolate tart

with cream and raspberry sauce...

Well. the pics completely speak for themselves! The tart is nice because it's different. The first is the nice bitter of the dark chocolate quickly followed by a sweet and when you add the zing of the raspberry and the sweet and fluffy of the cream... well. It's very very nice. Not sickeningly sweet either (although I can do my share of that!).

and there is more than enough for lunch today (some food went home with our guests and some stayed here) and enough raspberry sauce and cream for pancakes for breakfast.

Simple but very yummy food. Home made, two Mums in the kitchen conversing away and working well together, while the kids played (and intermittently went a little nuts) either out the back, four square, chalk, card games, reading,

or over at the park, dancing to music... a very firm 'how it should be' feel, for me at least (I really should have gotten more pics but was just having a great time). Working together to tidy up and pack away and sitting down with a cuppa and a slice of chocolate tart at the end of the night... *happy sigh* It's 'village therapy' at it's very best I think.
And yes, maybe it was more work to make dinner but it was very rewarding to sit down to the table and see what we had grown (the veges, not the kids!) and made... and then enjoy. I think the 'doing' and the making is just as important as the eating. Especially when it's done like this. Fabulous, simple and very enjoyable night. Thanks guys!

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