Monday, April 09, 2012

Mist, Toffee apples and Hot Crossed Buns

Toffee apples done. I didn't think there was much to making toffee apples but I googled a recipe just in case via and found this one. Asks for cream of tartar in the recipe but I'm not really sure what that ingredient does?

Not the healthiest in terms of sugar but at least you 'clean' your teeth on the apple after all the toffee. And it's likely to be not more than once a year so that's about right. They can have them this afternoon -outside! Below... after rising, buns waiting for the oven having just had their piping done.

The toffee apples just because I felt like making them and I can't recall having made them with/for the kids before... and the hot crossed buns

because it's Easter, I guess? Although we have made them other times of the year. They were warm and fresh and yum especially with a bit of butter.

and the boys asked if they could go for a walk in the mist this morning. They gumbooted up, tucked their pants in their boots and off they went... can you see them? There's three of them, holding hands...

The weather has been a bit nuts. Warm enough to get a sweat up the other day, then this completely out of nowhere this morning... yet we were still in shirts and shorts (and slippers for reptilian me) unless we went outside because the air was 'wet'...
Anyway, the boys thought it was great and made lots of footprints all over the ground :)

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