Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Currently planted in the garden... and lessons

  • 1 x Lemonade tree
  • 1 x flame grapefruit
  • 5 x imperial mandarine
  • 2 pommegranit
  • 1 x dwarf pommegranit
  • 4 oranges (naval, washington, another and some of them are dwarf)
  • 1 x mandarine ocean-something - 'Oceanus'? (I will have to check lol)
  • 2 x dwarf pear - 'cocktail' and 'something-cheeks'.
  • 1 x Angel Peach &
  • 2 x plum (can't remember the variety)
  • 1 x tahitian lime
  • 1 x dwarf mango
  • 1 x dwarf self pollinating avacado
  • 2 x Pinkerbelle apples
  • 1 x Granny Smith apple
  • 1 x black mulberry (about 5 yrs old and just had a go at espaliering it - that's another story!)
  • 3 x lilli-pilli
  • 2 x basil
There's all sorts of seasonal things in at the moment - brocolli, about 8 or 9 different types of tomato, self seeded pumpkins Jap and QLD blue, strawberry self seeded and planted, I think an eggplant, lazy housewife bean, 2 other kinds of beans/peas, leeks, black capsi, green capsi, chilli, parsely, rosemary, garlic chives, warrigul greens (NZ spinach), several different lettuces, and a few different things sprouting here and there.

What I find really interesting, and quite in keeping with the food forest idea is that when the last batch of tomato were up, they were what kept the capsi (black) from being eaten to a stick. on top of that, the other capsi that were eaten to a stick, I didn't pull out (usually would). Instead I figured they could stay where they were and break down of their own accord. Well... when the tomato plants were pulled, the sticks grew... and are now happily producing capsi! That is a very very old (seasonally) couple of 'sticks' there, growing as if they were only planted a matter of weeks ago.

The brocolli that got turned into lace, is now (having had it's head picked and eaten) sprouting side brocolli's (I think that's the name of the variety - sprouting). So my lesson there is wait until after the white moths/butterflies have stopped being seen in the garden and then plant the broc. ditto the capsi (whether this is snails or the moth it doesn't matter - they both seem to be much less in number or not at all, at the same time).

The brocolli is a full 'planting' 'behind' where it 'should be'. Ditto the capsis. ie one crop of tomato from seed/seedling has gone in, been planted, fruited for a good period of time, died off and then been pulled before these have even begun... The eggplant seeds have finally sprouted (or should I say 'eggplant' singular because only one has come up) almost two full 'plantings' late (two plantings and harvestings of tomato) and they were ALL planted at the same time...

Why is this like a food forest or has some relation to it?
Well in the food forest, now and then some chop and drop mulching opens up the light (removing the tomato plants, in my case) and allows other seeds that have been waiting or seedlings that have been struggling (munched down to a stick in my case) to do their thing and have their turn in the light. It's neat huh. And we just interfere a lot of the time, to early, or at all.


Niki said...

Lots happening in your garden. Ours has just about come to the end of the summer crop(a few bedraggled tomatoes & capsicums remain. Its time to star tthe Autumn planting. Our apple sstruggled this year, maybe lack of water??? Almond tree produce some nuts. Plums were divine & passionfruit going great. Can't wait for this hot weather to buggar off. Might head up north for a swim to enjoy the last of it.

Frogdancer said...

That's good news about the capsicum! When I was clearing a bed I found a lone capsicum plant with a bright red cap on iit. It'd been completely hidded by the basil.

I'm going to save the seed from it.

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