Thursday, January 05, 2012

Bathroom reno update - Pt1 - before, during and after pics

The 'before' pics are not charmers...
a completely not used vanity cupboard because it was old, rotting etc and attracting all the not so lovelies... and well... as you can see...

the 'new' basin top sitting on top of the old one, sussing out the fit and height.

here's the 'during' for the vanity part of the reno

old vanity out with pleasure!
'New' (secondhand, $25) vanity top in (with shiny taps that work!) with DH's self-made frame.

surround on the front of the frame and tiles up awaiting grout.

the surround on the frame and the tiles up and grouted

there goes the old wall cupboard

and here's the 'after' or the 'where it's at now'... with the new wall cupboard in...

Clearly still a fair bit to do.

plans as they were before have changed. Unfortunately I can't find a corner bath to fit the original plans, so that the shower could be walk in with a glass and get rid of the curtain. So plan for a sheer/white curtain and go from there... hoping to update the bath if we can get a good price on a secondhand one. Tiles plan to be white on the wall (hoping for glass splashbacks but out of $ question), and large grey/charcoal tiles on the floor. White on the walls. More updates to come :)


AND NOW (so far!)

a coat of paint, change the shower curtain and new floor tiles in this space will work WONDERS!~
then we need to tackle the ceiling...


Anonymous said...

Is that PowerPoint ok there? We had to have ours a certain distance from sink/tap

Kristy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristy said...

try again!
Thanks Anon for taking the time to comment.

Ppt is disconnected and we just have to wait for the electrician before we can get a new one in.
I was considering just not having a ppt at all in the bathroom as we don't use one, but for resale/guests it's probably nice to have.

The pics were taken in Sept and we still haven't gotten round to getting the ppt put in

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