Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anti-procrastination Day/Week/month... lifestyle?

It's gotta happen (stuff, that is) otherwise nothing will, right? No one will step in and do my 'to do' list for me (lotto win pending and even then, I like the satisfaction of ticking things off)... So I'm starting on my 'list' of things that I keep meaning to do but don't. This falls in line with Operation June too, I guess.

So in the space of two interrupted hours this morning I made up some lunch bags for Master W and Master B - sons of a friend. The lunchbags fit the long Tupperware Sandwich Keepers Plus lunchboxes with enough room for ice bricks behind the lunchboxes, and a little extra room for a second container if needed, a cloth for wiping hands, an apple - whatever.

If (their) Mum decides that the extra length isn't needed, it will take a few minutes to stitch and trim the end, and it will be a perfect fit. Don't look too hard at the zip stitching - it's not the best section that I took a pic of and I'm still mastering sewing without the foot-thing. The rest of it's not too bad though, stitching-wise :)

next project..!


Miss Cinders said...

YAY! Go you!! I'm finally feeling better and trying to catch up on the normal household jobs before jumping into my goal of having my wardrobe done this week! Don't think I'm going to get it done before my Sunday deadline :(

Can you make a tute of how to sew zippers please *batts eyelashes* I need to learn, but have noone to show me.

Kristy said...

Hey Donna :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better and yep, start somewhere first, then tackle the bigger stuff.

A tutorial for zippers from me would NOT be helpful lol Utube or Google would be MUCH better and would actually show you it properly... unlike me ;)

ETA - you know those 13y/o boxes..?

GONE *gasp!*


Miss Cinders said...

OMG you did it!!! Well done lol

But if you make the tute I know you'll do it the "Donna" way lol I think I found one earlier today that I will understand, just haven't had a proper look yet [kids around *sigh*].

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