Thursday, March 03, 2011

It came by Express Post!

I am very lucky to know and love this clever lady who makes bags incorporating authentic Aboriginal print design fabrics. Here's my new bag in black/Bush Tomato print/red inner pockets, kindly made to my specifications but with her know-how. Essentially I said 'you know what I like, just make it how you think with these things in mind (zip, inside pockets etc)' and here 'tis.

Apart from that I really like the fabric design (and that it's an authentic design), and that I like the person who made the bag (!) I like it because it's so functional, practical. It stands up on it's own, is a good size without being too big, has it's 'filing cabinet' inside so things all have their place and are away from little fingers and people's prying eyes (and wandering hands!), I can hang my keys off the outside 'loop' that is the strap against the bag,

which is really handy for school runs to just press the button and unlock the car without even taking my bag off my shoulder, which is how I've always liked it. The inner is red pockets on a black lining - easier to find stuff

and the print is awesome...

With a zippered top, it's about as close to perfect as a bag gets.

If my bag tips over in the car, nothing can slip out. Also included is a key strap/clip on the inside of the bag but since I like to have my keys on the outside of my bag, this strap on the inside is brilliant for attaching my phone to. When the phone rings, I just grab the strap and there's my phone - no hunting around for it. I like!

The bag straps themselves are a great length to go over the shoulder, even with a jacket on. The bag hangs neatly on my 'bag' hook at home. Very pleased. And here's just an example of what fits in there with plenty of room to spare on an average day...
  • phone (not pictured)
  • walletbag (this has my wallet, measuring tape, Panadol tucked away in the secret pocket, pen, matches for candle-lighting etc)
  • Quinn's stainless water bottle
  • my favourite tea bags and a fruit n nut snack. Muesli bar.
  • handwash, lip balm, spare dummy
  • usually a truck or bus or some other toy with wheels! (none in there at the moment, how odd lol)
  • notebook, pen, pencil. Various business cards with numbers I haven't put in my phone yet. tut tut...
  • manicure kit - I don't have fancy nails but one of the children always needs a nail trimmed, and they come in handy for other things too (nail file as a screw driver etc), removing splinters with the tweezers or nail clippers
  • Cepacol at the moment. Seriously who gets a throat bug in summer!?
  • small fishing kit, safety pins etc - comes in handy not just for fishing. Usually a small sewing kit but it's not in there at the moment.
  • small snack, notes, things to post and my little clipboard with the 'task list' for the day slots in nicely (not pictured)

and when I'm stopping somewhere longer - playgroup for example, I can also throw in on top as you can see above:
  • small wetbag (white with cute outdoorsy print) containing Bumgenius nappy, cloth wipe and Gaia lotion (to wet the wipe if water isn't handy). Change the bum, fresh nappy on, then the wet nappy and wipes go back in the bag and home to wash. Easy.
  • Quinn's hat (yay for older brothers who do cricket lol) and yay for adjustable hats for kids with bigger than average noggins!
so it gets this on an average day

then this on top for playgroup etc

and the zip still does up neatly. I usually leave the main nappy bag in the car and just pop the above couple of things extra in my bag if I think I might need them.

Thankyou Clever-bag-makin'- Lady! How lucky am I!

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