Sunday, March 06, 2011

I think I'm 'hooked'

Pun completely NOT intended, if you've made the link. I'm listing the links here because in my excitement to read more more more I may just miss something!

Aquaponics strawberry tower.
Aquaponics setup with bath tubs.
ok this one is a link inside a link so you go to this link, scroll down, see the sneak preview of the DVD on 'Food Forest' which is quite short. Then when that's done, there's two vid options there or replay. Choose the one 'Aquaponics made easy 12...' It's a 12min DVD on Aquaponics and it's awesome. It's enough to give you the 'bug' for aquaponics! I haven't found a better way to link to it but if you do pls let me know :)
and a DIY DVD...
Murray Hallam on Gardening Australia.

oh boy this is just the start~! [it's ok I haven't bought or done anything yet, just excited by the idea!]

that would be just spoilt
walk out the back
pick the salad
pick the tomato
pick the fruit for dessert
and choose a fish for mains.

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