Thursday, February 17, 2011

dents and drops

Jake's new dent this week - ice skating (thanks first aid ppl & parents/teacher at the rink for your help) - head hit the ice and split the skin open. It looked worse when I picked him up from school but thankfully looked better when it was cleaned up and glued back together.

Phone call came to let me know. I got the info I needed and then next phone call I made was to reorganise pickup for eldest (thankyou S!). Next phonecall was to MIL (thankyou) to come watch the two younger boys, phone call after that was to the doctor's surgery to let them know we were coming. As soon as MIL arrived I was out the door. Thanks to 'Operation June' and start of 'Be Prepared' I had everything I needed in my bag/the car in terms of water, snacks and clothes etc if needed. Picked up Jake and to the docs. When we got there we went right in, they were ready for us and it was all done and sorted pretty quick (thanks guys!). Sits quite neatly in his eyebrow, don't you think? Now I know how people get those 'scar through the eyebrow' things happening!

So it's nothing major which is good. Add it to the list of 'dents' accumulated in childhood huh. Of course, we picked up a tub of icecream to share with everyone once we got home. There's gotta be some perk to a dent - although I did point out that dents just to receive perks was not on - to which I got rolled eyes and an 'as if Mum...' response.

And this is the )other - non-blood but rather water) drops we had the other day... and we all went outside and sat/played/caught it... and I wished (again) that we had our water tanks up and running even if it wasn't quite that much that the clouds delivered but still...

Quite a compact little bit of moisture. Glorious. Best way I can describe it. Frogs and birds went nuts. Wetted bliss! LOL

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