Monday, January 10, 2011

Personalised note book for Jake

Christmas 2010 and one of the things I made was a notebook for Jake. Started out with some Footy scrapbooking paper I had bought ages ago (with the intention of making his Birthday party invitations), a recycled paper etc notebook and a few other bits and pieces.

And this is the finished result. Process was easy enough - firstly print out Jake's name, choosing font, size and colour to suit. Next cut the name out in a rectangle of paper, and layered it with contrasting/matching papers. Then tried a few different designs dry before sticking it all down with either glue, double-sided tape or mounting tape. Done :)

Now... it might be missing a little 'something' under the star... I couldn't quite decide what to put there... maybe a photo of the Auskick kid himself? lol The other thing I thought was maybe about contacting the front of the book, so it's wipe clean and the star doesn't get bent when it's put in a bag or in a pile of other things. We'll see.

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