Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 Random Things

Thanks to Niki, I'm now to share seven random things with you... about me. Not my strength... hmmm... well in the meantime here's a 'random' pic I took travelling home from Broome... as we were catching the ute we were trying to work out what was on the top of the cab - this was 110 on the open road and while they weren't quite doing that speed, it definately wasn't a casual 50km/hr down a back road... and then we got closer... eventually they pulled over and put the dog back in the ute..!

1. I have one 'bit' missing on one ear and an extra bit on the other. howzat for random.
2. I can still do the splits. Yep at age 32 (33 this year).

3. I used to get kicked out of maths class for having the hiccups, in highschool - the teacher just couldn't handle the sound and had a hicc-a-phobia apparently. Explains a lot about my grasp on some aspects of maths methinks.
4. I break my little toe all. the. time.
5. my favourite shirt of all time when I was a kid was one with a number on the front and a Vegemite stain. It was worn and worn and worn until one day I couldn't find it anymore... no idea where it went. Oh and my 'twirly' skirts - you know, the ones where you whirl and whirl and they go all the way out in a full circle? yep, them.
6. wattle bushes smell like home (Carnarvon) and sunshine.
7. I used to play checkers with the truckies at Nanna and Grandad's service station (so I am told). I loved being out there and to this day the smell of bacon cooking and 'real' butter smells like the Roadhouse. Oil/fuel smells like Grandad's shirts. Chapsticks remind me of Nanna. I used to love running the change out to the truckies, riding the horses, going for walks in the dunes with Nanna and the dogs, cooking in the kitchen and putting things away from the dishwasher in the 'kitchenette'. Not to mention apples smell like Nanna's fridge, and there was always an orphan goat or joey to feed, animal to rescue from the driveway or watermelon to be had under the big tree on top of the levy banks.

Thassal from me... :) Thanks Niki!

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