Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Thanks to this link (and to Super Organiser Mum for posting it), I didn't have to print out on plain paper, cut out using a twenty cent piece as a template for the circle, draw on borders then punch out the scallop, then attach... for each cupcake topper lol and buying cupcake toppers wasn't an option so thanks to Eighteen 25 blog for the great free printable. *thumbs up*

Excuse the little finger prints in one of the cupcakes! Master Q was just too quick!

The cake stand is the same as the one I used for Jake's Birthday Party, and the glass dome is the top half of the IKEA glass set that came to our house last year... pardon the unfinished unpainted walls in the background... our place is in constant slow renovation stage lol The baking cups we also had already.

Also my Mum sent me a cute 'Tooth Fairy' pic found via the net, which I shrunk, printed and scallop punched, put backing card on and using wide tape, 'sealed' it. Now it can be attached to the front of a glass holding a recently-lost-tooth, to (a) enable the Tooth Fairy to better time manage [read, not FORGET... several nights in a row once - shhhh - she had her reasons!] and (b) so that a precious tooth doesn't unkowingly get tipped down the sink when the dishes are being done!

The Tooth Fairy reminder lives in our tub on the bench. It's not the best pic but I realised at the last minute that my mail was in it lol with address. The 'Tooth Fairy' reminder is just out of picture on the left - you can just see the edge of it.

I have never been one for tubs really... I like things 'up' and off the bench (on a pin board, side of the fridge, clip board) BUT I saw this tub on Thursday this week... and after arguing with myself, then persuaded myself... and I know I can really make it work for us. It's to be somewhere for paperwork/incoming to (temporarily) go that stays neat, visible and doesn't get lost in the abyss that can become the computer desk/sewing table, at times... and because it's not a deep tub, stuff is less likely to get lost in it. She says... hmm we'll see how that all pans out in a few weeks eh! *wink*


Anonymous said...

Hi, where can I find the free printables for the chrsitmas cupcake toppers?

Kristy said...

Hi Maria

The links to the toppers should be in the post itself - just click on the words that are a different colour.

Let me know how you go
Kind Regards

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