Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Burying The Jemma-Dog

I buried our Jemma-Dog at home today. The last picture in my mind I have of her is curled up as she used to sleep, with the flowers I put on her and beside her, two halves of a big marrow bones - one half for her and one half for Prince. I laid her on a calico sheet, and folded it over her before I filled in the sand, so she wouldn't get any sand up her nose. Jemma hadn't had a big bone in so long due to her diet restrictions, so this huge marrow bone was her one last bliss-out treat that she got to have before the vet arrived (home visit).

The children knew that today would be Jemma's last day, and they said their last goodbyes this morning before school, as did Michael before he went to work. This afternoon they can write notes to her if they wish, on around her photo I printed separately, and we will bury that with the new rose we plant above her.

So Jemma, off to play loonies with our big dog Prince. Plenty of juicy bones to gnaw on all day, long adventures in parks and bush, and plenty of cats to chase, waves to play in. Back to bouncing around like the nutty puppy you were those more-than-13 years ago.


1 comment:

Niki said...

Goodbye Jemma.
We went through the same thing exactly this time last year it was heartbreaking as Jeddy had been with us from the beginning. I still miss him.
Maybe Jemma & Jed have already caught & had a chat, you know both being from Perth an' all.
Hope you are all doing ok.
Love Niki

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