Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas biscuit baking - children decorating

Today we began the Christmas biscuits... the recipe is 'biscotti' recipe from a friend many years ago. It's a recipe that makes a lot (5 cups of plain flour for a start) which works in this house as we generally double or triple standard recipe batches... but it doesn't use a heap of butter... which works just as well because otherwise you can go through a lot with baking.

the children decorated. Quinn did [ate] his own, I decorated Brenna's. Brooke, Jake and Zeke decorated more than they ate, compared to Quinn!

Brooke's Elf in progress...

Brooke's Elf complete

Brenna's Elf

Quinn's Elf

Zeke's Elf
(with shorts)

Jake's Elf
(with sleeves)

Apricots cut down for mouths (edges of the apricot) or shorts or sleeves etc, sultanas, M&Ms, sprinkles of varying kinds. Of course you can use whatever you like on them... I did try and hunt down some more no-nasties sprinkles but do you think I could find them?! Thanks for the loan of the cutters S & N - so many to choose from that we didn't get to use them all! So, they're not 'boutique' style biscuits but the kids had a ball making them and then eating them and it's all about the fun and experience of it, isn't it.

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