Wednesday, November 10, 2010

you know how this ends... right? lol

you know how this ended don't you...
and you know it wasn't just confined to what you see in the pic...

and you know it made SUCH a great sound when the feet were lifted up and down off the floor... like this

but even better when you march round the house listening to the sound... LOL *sigh*

We have had butter, and milk waterfalls/painting before ... but at least it wasn't balsamic vinegar
this time... and at least it wasn't a 'non-food' item... *ahem* I wonder when the 'put the lid on and put it away' will sink in.
Plan from now on is the 'not putter-onner-er and awayer' cleans up.
I'm always on the lookout for an open jar, or door, or whatever and this is why -
we know kids are quick.
it took Q all of about mmm... 60 seconds or so... to do this while I was't looking & because I didn't check after Z finished making his sandwich... hopefully everyone gets the message very soon!

none of the kids have ever spread condiments in quite the way Quinn has!

:) least the floor's clean now!


MichP said...

Sorry K had to laugh!

Kristy said...

sorright Michelle. I kinda did too :)

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