Saturday, August 28, 2010

'The Village'

A few times this week I've wondered the usual - the 'why what and where (did it go)' of the 'village' of old - especially in terms of networks for Families/Mums... especially a few things this week reminded me (again) how important it really was and how sad that it's not around now, in the true sense, for so many.

Chooks. The 'from scratch' chookyard is almost ready for the chook-sitting we'll be doing mid Sept for 6mths. It is almost everything from scratch, wire, frame cut down from an old swing set thrown out on someone's verge etc you get the idea. Try as we might though we couldn't find enough wire to finish it off... so one roll purchased. the nesting box is a modified dog kennel from Freecycle, adapted so that you can open the door to check for eggs without needing to go inside the chookyard. As a kid I loved checking for eggs at Nanna's but didn't quite enjoy the poo-on-feet/shoes that came with it!

Haven't planted anything this week... slack. Unless you count the pumpkin and rockmelon seeds that went in the garden from the kitchen ;)

Brooke turned 11 years old yesterday. My firstborn is eleven... Brenna's birthday coming up in September. It's her third anniversary, believe that. Had she been born at term, her 3rd Birthday would be in March next year... Jake got a bronze medal today, and several place ribbons at his gymnastics comp. Brooke got several ribbons as well. I didn't get to go but watched their routines as DH videod them. Very pleased for them both and they enjoyed it which really counts. Quinn's new words for this week are 'Jemda' (Jemma, the dog) and 'ba-na-ba' - Banana of course! Zeke wanted to know what gold tasted like, did it taste nice because someone was talking about going to 'The Mint' (where they do the gold thing)... funny bunny!

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Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to Brooke! And Congrats to both Brooke and Jake :)

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