Monday, August 23, 2010


now Zeke knows why I say the same things


Like 'Zeke put the lid on the milk please'...
because when your Mother's back is turned to get the biscuits out of the oven, your little brother will climb up on the breakfast bar chairs and upend the enture FULL litre of milk onto the bench (yes he really is quick), soaking everything within a metre radius, meaning a mad scramble to get the dough off the bench and anything else that might get wet, while explaining again why I ask for the lid to be put on and some 'telling off' in there at the same time 'that makes my heart feel sad Mum [sob]' and running to get cloths to mop it all up 'can I help you Mummy' and getting Quinn down for the second time, (spoken very sincerely 'I really am very very very sorry Mummy') and in the meantime burning two of the four trays of gingerbread (We do three batches so that's easily a dozen+ trays of biscuits ) that were in the oven.
so a cuddle and some talking and all is fine.
and I better go finish off the last of the dough.


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