Sunday, March 07, 2010

knitted cloths

I was very lucky (thankyou!) to do two swaps which funnily enough both resulted in some lovely knit/crochet dishcloths... I had always wanted to try them but didn't realise that I could use the thicker wool (started out with the skinny cotton stuff and it was taking an eternity) and considering I'm still half way through my first ever proper knitting project... well... *ahem*... I also am quite surprised by how much I like them - I thought I'd like them, but not as much as I do - I like them a lot :) They are very capable, soft on items but they work hard and get stuff clean. So here they are... the only one that's missing is the lovely star shape one... I'll add a pic of that later as it's on the line at the moment.

It's a hard call as to favourites. However I know now the size I like, the style of knit, how stretchy or not stretchy etc so one day when I get to make my own I'll have some kind of idea as to what to look for in a finished pattern... the other thing that comes with these cloths, is 'stuff'... as in, associations - that you don't get with store bought cloths. The conversation about making them or swapping for them, the story behind the yarn, the season or kind of weather at the time they were made (if you made your own) etc


Mandy said...

It was a pleasure swapping with you :) I should post some pics of Jackson in his Nemo nappies on my blog, huh? hehe.

ANN said...

I'm so glad you like them :D

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