Friday, January 29, 2010

Tonight begins...

Quinn's Waldorf/Steiner doll... using a kit from Sarah's Dolls I have finally begun the first of five dolls (one for each of my guys!)... I'm doing the 13.5" Radiance Doll... I made one doll from scratch with the help of a book from the school library long ago when Brooke was little and while this doll is still going and I was so pleased with her little face, she does have fluid retention issues in the arms and legs due to a not-so-good choice in the fabric (my error, but I was really starting from nowhere and chose as best I could)... so while she may be 'resewn in the body' one day, I also knew I wanted to make one for each BJZBQ ... but knew that I had to be realistic. A kit from someone who knew what they were doing, that had measurements and got me started, would be the best way to get there... photos to come... wish me luck!

oh and those clothes that I have kept from each of the children, those 'special ones' (admittedly there's more than just one or two items!) I think instead of sitting packed away in the cupboard for moments of nostalgia, or maybe dreaming I would one day make a quilt (I can dream, don't laugh! I know some people will do it, like you 'N' but I think mine is more of a hope LOL) I may just use them as the fabric for the children's own dolls... that way the clothes 'live on' and with the right wearer too... see how I go... need to make the doll first! LOL

Hope this finds you all well.
eta one head complete (well the 'underneath' bit anyway). Materials packed away safely and I am heading to bed. Have a positive and productive weekend, everyone :)

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