Sunday, January 31, 2010

refashioning a shirt for a 13.5" doll

okey dokey.
Previous posts on making this doll.

ok so I wanted to make a shirt but I (a) didn't have the patience to start from scratch and (b) this way it uses their necklines, their snaps and sleeves - simpler than starting from scratch. I really wanted to finish this doll. So here's how I went about it. Pretty much you're taking in all the main seams to make the overal shirt smaller. I didn't want to take in the front becuase I didn't want to have a seam there and it didn't occur to me to try and match up the stripes (oops!), but in the end I needed to do a seam at the front due to bulk... and maybe I'll put buttons or something down it...
ok this was the shirt - one of my favourites of Quinn's.

Shirt inside out and marking out where I wanted to take it in. Pinned, then straight stitched before overlocking/cutting. Just kept taking a little more off as needed - not terribly scientific! LOL
Finished shirt. Sorta.

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