Saturday, August 01, 2009

Baby Names...

Just for the heck of it (seriously, read NOTHING into me posting this!)

Here's the other baby names we/I like - not neccesarily all of them full on 100% like, but they appeal to me somehow. Kind of in order of preference - the ones at the front I definately like. For one reason or another they didn't get chosen (bub was opposite Gender, or Michael didn't quite like, or to do with surname). For example, we liked Jack for ages for Jake, but couldn't have due to surname, so Jake he is!
As you can see I really really liked Aurielle but had troubles with it not sounding like an American biscuit, a new car, or a type of MCN LOL Also the variation Aurelie sounded like 'orally'... hmmm so Oliva was the first name choice had Quinn been a she!

GIRLS - Aurielle, Aurelie, Aurelee, Olivia, Lauren/Lauryn, Ahrielle, Jessalyn, Ammielle, Aurielle, Aubrielle
BOYS - Jeremiah, Jardee, Jonas, Lucas (as a middle name), Zavier, Jasper, maybe Julius, Jethro, Jarvis, Max, Vance, Cason

and if twins boy/girl
Lucas Jeremiah _________
Lauren Olivia ________

if twins boy/boy
I'd have to do some thinking because I don't have many boy's names set aside and Michael doesn't want one of my favourites as a first name but maybe
Lucas Jeremiah _______
Zavier _______ Jasper

if twins girl/girl probably
Olivia Aurielle ________
Lauren ________ _________

? who knows lol

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