Friday, May 29, 2009

What came home the other day...

Brooke has been very excited about what she's up to in craft at school. The other day she finished it and it came home... Can't wait to post a pic! eta here 'tis!

A crotchet drink carrier for her water bottle. As a size indicator, this is the largest size (1.2litres) Eco Tanka. A very practical creation, and just one of the many things they learn at school that I would really have liked to know how to do already ... I'm rather impressed with it and have put my order in ;)
eta I think that's the 'back' that I took a pic of, where the colour joins are... hmmm I'm sacked eh... will do another pic of the 'right' side maybe tomorrow.
I am also drooling over these things at Mama4earth (found the link on Down to Earth) and wishing I could knit like that! Brooke can LOL The items all look so well made, the knitting nice and even and heck, who could resist one of these eggs!

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