Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jemma is home!!!

Well Jemma is home. She's on the last of her pain meds and on antibiotics. Still has a little bandage on her leg from the drip and is back on boiled skin-free chicken and rice for a week or so (which she will just LOVE not!)... apart from that just watching her, keeping an eye on her and taking her back if she gets worse again... so yay for a Jemma who wags her tail now, and is home!


Niki said...

Oh Kristy, thats great news.

My girlfriend has a heap of agapanthas to give away, if your interested, you would need to dig them out & transfer them home, but there is quite a few there & they would make for a great garden edge or fillers. Pm and let me know & I'll organise a time & addy for you.
Niki x

~MY~6~PACK~ said...

Im so glad she is home and on the mend.

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