Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So much to do!

Well... there is a long time yet 'til Bub arrives but at the same time not long and sooo much to do before then!!! Just put in some more seedlings this morning. Should have penned and papered while I was there but didn't so will have to return with a list haha. Fruit trees going well, and the first vege patch is going nuts - and the kids threw some stray rockmelon seeds in there so they're taking off as well. I dislike the term and practice of 'thinning' plants unless they have somewhere to go - I can't see the sense in throwing out perfectly good plants simply because you have too many. So if anyone wants tomato plants, cherry tom plants or rockmelon plants, please let me know!

Shelves yet to go up in the laundry along with the workbench. Once the shelves are up I can fit Baby's clothes up there yay and all the nappies. I think have PLENTY of newborn nappies and now just need to get to work making the next lot, probably OSFM Snappi-able I think. Front garden, kitchen reno to finish, bedrooms, spare room, bathroom, finish painting the loo (that I started painting oh... maybe 9+ years ago when pregnant with Brooke!), sort out and reorganise the back room, shelving for there. Lounge room painted and done, and shelves again (bookshelves). So LOTS to do!

Righto... off to list those plants - done and updated in the 'how does our garden grow' post. Also via Eilleen (Consumption Rebellion Blog) I was reading this link and I am keen to give Flowerpot Bread a go!

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