Sunday, October 12, 2008

Less Than 16 weeks to go...

Until we meet this Little Belly-Man growing - get to see him smile, get to see him breathe and smell that wonderful previous newborn smell... get to see his eyes as they watch us intently... ahhhh *happy sigh* all the awesome moments... I wonder which date will be his Birth Day... anyone care to guess? EDD by dates is 31st Jan, and by ultrasound is 2nd Feb. I thought Brooke, Jake and Zeke were born within 2 days of their EDD but since checking out my midwife notes, turns out Brooke and Jake were, but Zeke was born at 39 weeks... interesting stuff. In a hurry for his Birthday both in dates and labour length *wink*

So a while to go/not long to go depending how you look at it... but at the same time, says she with the definate Virgo rising thing going on (!) there is SO much to do before then! Well... Michael has made a start on some of the stuff I can't/shouldn't be doing like the heavy stuff - first pregnancy I've not done what I consider to be normal things. I mentioned that over the weekend I wanted to get the curtains in the loungeroom washed, and possibly the lounge covers (yay for IKEA washables!) and clear out the mystery items underneath the lounge.
I was just hoping that Michael could take the curtains down - however, he has taken them all down, soaked and washed them. And done the same with the lounge covers. And cleared out under one lounge. The rest we did together this afternoon. So the loungeroom, since it doesn't have much else in it, is on track... apart from the lack of paint on the walls haha! I put some orange oils in with the mop water so it smells really nice in there as well as looking decent - yay! Very pleased and so awesome to have extra hands that don't mind washing and soaking.

Also Michael put in the plastic between the straw bale garden bed and the soil today, and piled in the poo - mushroom, cow and chook to be exact. Will be an interesting exercise in speed-pegging of the washing for the next few days as the straw-bale bed is near the clothes line- well, it's within sniffing distance anyway! Can't wait to put in the veges/seeds/seedlings.

Took Jake to his friend's Birthday Party today - he had been counting down the sleeps so definately looking forward to it. I think all the kids had a ball! Also, I cleared out the top and shelves of the fridge today and Jake wiped out and cleaned the bottom of it - awwwww. He told me off the other day for picking things up off the floor, insisting he would do it. When I replied that I had only picked up a stray tissue, he said it doesn't matter Mum, I'll do it! So he has been doing more, taking an 'older' approach to things (well... most of the time) and Brooke has been of course helping as well. Zeke, we're working on - he needs to do his bit too and does... sometimes. He came to me the other day and told me, while holding up his elbow, that he hurt his 'corner' (elbow) I did have to smile.

The plan tomorrow is sewing, helping out at a Festival and getting ready to help out at a workshop or two this week... Don't forget it's Reusable Nappy Week this week - have a squiz here for what events are on near you.

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