Friday, October 24, 2008

Grow grow grow!

Just a few pics to share on some of what's in the (new) fruit & vege garden. I missed taking pics of the flowers from the bulbs this year but not to worry. Plum - the fruit are only about 10-20c piece size at the moment but the kids are watching them keenly ... and some flowers on the tahitian lime(thankyou E & Family, gift for Brenna's Garden), a chive flower just because I think they're different and one of James's roses are out, with many buds on the others (3 x standard Gold Bunny). All the seedlings planted in the straw-bale bed are doing well so I've taken a few 'before' photos and will put the 'after' or in 'progress' ones up soon. The other garden bed has gone NUTS... seriously there's so much popped up in there (ferals and planted stuff) that we really should thin it out but it seems like such a waste and some of them just won't transplant well... anyway, so that's some pics to share from today's wander round the garden between the few showers we've had today. Haven't seen any flowers on the lilli pilli as yet (bought a fruiting one) so keeping an eye on that one as well. Oh and who could forget the mulberries!

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