Thursday, October 23, 2008

25 weeks & 5 days

We're almost at 26 weeks - yippeee! Checkup today at the Birth Centre, all good, everything where it 'should' be etc. Bub doing well, measuring well and running away from the doppler, heartbeat all good. Checkup must have woken him up because I got nudged and kicked and all sorts of things the second I sat back in the chair and all the way home. This is what he is up to in there at the moment 26 weeks and here's what next week holds 27 weeks including a pic of his rough size inside.
Some photos to share of the Little Man's current abode. Must be my age haha as I am feeling things a little more this time, in terms of tiredness, sore legs and hips/pelvis. Considering my first pregnancy was over nine years ago, and three in between the first and this one, I guess I am showing my 'age' haha.
Nearly all sorted in terms of the early-days newborn items. Which reminds me must go and update my 'Before Birth' to do list. Went through and sorted out the fabric cupboard, now just the sewing table to do in that dept. Have a pile... a rather huge pile of 'to do' projects, ones half completed and so on. Might need to begin on that soon. I am muchly looking forward to being post-Christmas and 'any time' ready to birth. At the same time noting how MUCH needs to be done before then. So you know, it will all even out. Heck it's nearly November already and nearly time to organise Jake's Birthday party! 'til next time, Cheerio!

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lindy said...

Ohhh how exciting! what a gorgeous belly Kristy, you look fantastic. So glad to hear all is going well with the little man. Keep well, you are in my thoughts often xxxxx

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