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Zeke's Birth Story - Born 25th March 2005

The Birth of Zeke wub.gif

Well I thought I might add the Birth Stories of all my kiddies since Brenna's is on the net, and Brooke, Jake and Zeke's are, just all in different spots so I thought I'd put them all here in one place...

THe short version: (LOL!)

Zeke Machaiah Vincent (Hill) was born Friday morning at 7.45am, 7lb 14oz. (Machaiah said Ma-kye-ah) Waters had gone 'dook' the night before (Thursday) and for the first time I knew what it was like to have your waters 'go'... 'sloshed' down the hallway to the loo... smile.gif Of course, once the waters go, you have to go in so off to the Birth Centre we went Thursday night. I was also told that third babies can be faster LOL little did we know.
Contractions were on and off and strong for a good three hours at the Birth Centre but then they kind of just went away. We had had three weeks of on and off contractions so weren't all that surprised... but I was gearing up to birth and then it all just disappeared!
So midwife Lorraine said well you may as well go to bed - yet another 'practice' run it seemed! smile.gif So we all went to bed, Michael and I climbed into bed and Nuarna had the lounge (at the Birth Centre)

We all got a reasonable night's sleep (I think!) and I was aware of about 4 contractions through the night but otherwise slept - I just breathed slowly and wished the contractions away LOL so they can't have been anything too exciting! Was wondering when this labour would start and thinking that if this baby didn't arrive by 10pm Friday I would be looking at an induction as the waters would have been 'broken' for 24 hours.

Anyway, morning came, we all kind of woke up and poor N was a little 'full' having not breastfed her young son R since the night before! (Nuarna was to be our video person) So I said to her to go home and feed him (I was sitting up on the bed chatting happily no probs and no contractions whatsoever in sight) She thought about it (really didn't want to go so must have 'known') and I said well if anything happens we'll call you!

I wondered what the day had in store... As I moved a bit on the bed (sitting up) there was this gush and more waters went (this was the forewaters I was to find out) but still no contractions - no labour.

Lorraine said it was time for shift change and Claire (midwife from the day before) came back on). Lorraine said she will be 5 minutes out of the carpark and the baby would be born... little did we know! I was also told later that they 'knew' something was up as even tho there was no sign of contractions and I was NOT in labour, my pulse was up... so they had an inkling...
Anyway, Nuarna decided to go home (at my insistence sorry Nuarna!) and I rang Mum and Corina to let them know nothing had happened yet and Corina could prob go home (Corina stayed at our place the night before). So they left... me definately not in labour and not a contraction in sight...

No sooner had Nuarna walked out the door (7.07am) then a few minutes after that, I said '.......' as ALL the rest of the waters came in two great gushes as I adjusted how I was sitting on the bed. No contractions yet tho. In hindsight if I had walked them out to the carpark no one would have missed his birth! LOL Sat there for a bit... made my way (slwoly lol) to the loo where the first contraction hit HARD, BANG in the doorway. 3 contractions standing in the doorway of the bathroom leaning on Michael (Claire came in to say good morning to the woman who 10 seconds ago was NOT in labour) and I couldn't answer her questions. Hmmm thinks Claire and heads off to get things ready... next contraction there were little urges to push.
I said to Michael you better get her to come back and get the mat and beanbag ready. Michael went to the other side of the room and I quickly told him to come back (had to hold on to him through the next contraction) -darn women who can't make up their minds LOL
Mat and beanbag hastily set up, Nuarna and Mum were called (Corina had just pulled out of our driveway), Michael got into position and I was leaning forward on him on my knees. The next contraction was to push.
I asked about a warm compress (Michael translated) but Claire replied she wasn't about to leave me right now and could see baby's hair. The most bizarre thing was I was able to control HOW I pushed instead of just the uncontrollable urge... anyhow, Zeke's shoulders were harder to push out than his head! Prob about 4 or 5 good pushes later, at 7.45 am our Little Man was born, Zeke Machaiah Vincent... he was spluttering on all the mucous but there he was and straight up to the breast for a feed. we peeked under the blanket, he pee'd and we announced 'It's a BOY!'
I rang Nuarna - she answered the phone with 'what'd you have'... she knew she'd missed it. I rang Mum - who was just down near Perth Mod - 'oh no!' she says as she had just missed it too!

So all up labour was less than half an hour - who could ask for more! I think they listed it as 27mins on my records. The Cord Blood Collection lady didn't make it in time either... which was very disappointing but couldn't be helped. I had a shower etc etc and a restful day followed with our newest little person.

Zeke was all well but a bit snuffly and snorting - but feeding well, contended and generally 'perfect' in the end, to be on the safe side, the paediatricians decided to transfer him up to the ICU Special Care 2 nursery at KEMH - it might be nothing but if it's something then that's the place to be. He was the biggest baby in there! He was put on IV antibiotics as a precaution - we went there midnight Fri night - I didn't leave his side (they put a chair next to his unit) til Michael arrived in the morning about 8 -
Despite their assurances they would call me if he needed a feed there was NO WAY I was leaving his side. (they were all wonderful and do so well with what little the Govt provides but he's my baby, and ultimately my responsiblity)...

I didn't know what to think... I tried not to be upset because there were so many tiny babies in there much sicker but I guess it was just so unexpected... To make a long story short, Zeke had multiple blood tests, needles, and several tubes up his nose to suction him out each day - which never produced much except blood). A chest x-ray and plenty of other stuff plus the anti-biotics. We were allowed up to the ward on Sat night (?) with antiobiotic injections twice daily... all blood tests and cultures came back negative over the next few days...

After all the blood cultures and 'PMG' and 'NGPO' and whatever other words there are! (you should have heard all the abbreviations!) tests etc it was eventually decided that while they weren't really sure what the exact prob was, it was prob a combo of being born so quick and inhaling mucours (showed up on the x-ray) and having slightly slimmer nasal passages making his breathing a bit more hard work, the latter he would grow out of and the former would pass. His symptoms decreased every day and every test came back fine. So after many needles we were allowed to go home Monday lunchtime and here we are! My theory is well he had to do SOMETHING a little different! smile.gif So that's why I haven't been home to return calls and haven't had the phone on at the hospital of course either.
We are all home, well and healthy, with virtually no snuffling or anything - you'd never know!
Zeke just wanted to provide the paed's with a little challenge! We could have come home Fri the day he was born but who wants to take chances...

He is the new love of my life and a wonderful new part of our family...
Good luck to all about to birth soon

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