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Jake's Birth - Born 17th November 2001

The Birth of Jake wub.gif
Jake, my hind waters tricked while shopping ('hmm that felt a little wierd... and again... and again) and there was the usual (and for very good reason) 24 hours or be induced for risk of infection. There was no way I was being induced. I even had my four absoloute deep wisdom teeth out under local because I just hate the idea of drugs and I definately don't want them in mine or my new baby's system.

Anyway, so we did everything, curry, castor oil/OJ/Bicarb combo (GROSS!), walking, nipples the whole bit. Sure enough, in the shower contractions started. I walked from 8pm-midnight not wanting to chance them slowing down - I was NOT going to be induced.

I SMS'd as I walked through the early contractions.

No one did internals as I had asked not to have any, the midwife left us to it, coming in to check every now and then (incl check baby's heartbeat) until I started pushing. I got contractions started (or Jake did!) at about 8pm and managed to walk walk walk through them until about midnight when serious concentration was required for breathing.

I then went to the Birth suite and started breathing through in there.
I ended up kneeling forward onto DP who was sitting on a beanbag against the wall. The noises I made this time were different to w Brooke and the pushing didn't feel as 'good' as it did with Brooke - with her I looked forward to the next push, with Jake I didn't because of how it felt.

I thought I still had some time to go and then the pushing started! On the first push the waters exploded, about 12 BIG pushes with significant rest inbetween, his head going out and back in a bit for the last few and Jake was born at 2.53am with me kneeling forward onto his Daddy, no drugs also all good. (The midwife told me later on the next shift to go do a few laps around the block because I sure didn't look like I had just had a baby!)

Looking back at his birth on vid which I only just did the other night (long story as I was only JUST given the tape last week!) I think the pusing may have been uncomfortable as his hand was up across his chest and near his chin - after his head was born, the next thing to come out was his shoulders and pop! one hand!

Jake was born at 2.53am, 7lb 10z but with a 2cm bigger head than his sister.
Present at the birth was the same friend who video'd before but this time we got the actual birth on tape, plus one friend who was 5 minutes late and missed it (same friend who was present w Brooke), and Brooke's Nanna, as well as, of course, DP.

Both births we were home in no time, breastfeeding went well and both breastfed til about 12mths.

I had a 2nd degree tear w Brooke but attribute that to a standing delivery as it was quite quick -
with Jake I was kneeling forward and my midwife was awesome applying warm compress to the perineal area to help it stretch slowly and talked me through every step of the way and I didn't tear at all. (I had asked for all this from the midwife in my birth plan in the hope I wouldn't tear)

For Brooke the midwife wasn't confident to stitch so I had to go the main hopsital and sat on an icepack while I waited to reduce swelling.

I got there and was put on a table, in stirrups with someone yelling round the door 'can anyone stitch please! Who can stitch please!' - jeepers was the cleaner going to come and do it!!!? laughing2.gif

Eventually someone was found. Before sticking in the local anaesthetics, the nurse said to suck on the gas (first drugs ever!) but she didn't wait UNTIL that had kicked in and boy I FELT the first three of the SIX local anaesthetics she used!!! I watched her stitch me up by looking at the reflection in her glasses!
I have to say she did a good job as I never had any probs.

Then back to the Birth Centre.

I realise sometimes drugs and intervention are neccesary, but if they're not, then they're not for me and I think should be used as a last resort - our
bodies are made for this!
Like all parenting choices of course, it's a very personal one and what works for some doesn't for others.

Baby three due now anyday and I can't wait for the contractions to start because it means I'll be seeing him/her very soon! original.gif However this birth turns out, and I am hoping for the best, so long as we are both healthy that's all I need to know.

For first timers can I say, while it's really hard, and of course medical opinion is there because (we hope) they know more than we do, bottom line is trust your gut instinct, check out ALL your options and if you're not happy with something then mention it - are there alternatives/variations etc that could work instead?

Good luck I say to all the Mums-to-be and new lives waiting to come into the world, whatever form their arrival takes! original.gif

Re-reading this I realise I made both labours sound so 'easy' - which is not to say it didn't HURT - far from it as 99% of the population who have given birth will tell you it IS painful but it's a different kind of pain... & the end result is worth it as pretty much the same 99% will tell you!.

Re the wisdom teeth thing - it's not an aim to be a hero, it's not that at all, I think I'm just a woos because I'm so scared what might happen to my body/me if I went under a general anaesthetic... that's why I didn't do it. If I had the guts to have a general I would have because it was definately not fun having them out under local esp as they were so DEEP...

Brooke's labour was 8 hours (12 hours total but the first four were 'nothing' labour ie could still talk and have a sense of humour!),
Jake was about 3 - hard labour ('real' labour) beginning about midnight ('easy labour' started 8pm). Hope I haven't forgot any crucial bits. I do intend to write this next birth down in his/her baby book striaght away before it all evapourates! (I do have B&J's in detail in their book but didn't put it all in here). Good luck to you all!

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