Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks Snow-Nanna!

Lucky kids is all I can say! This week, (my) Mum was in town for work and she bought with her the 'snow books' she had been putting together for Brooke, Jake and Zeke. And here is Zeke's to show you! Different pics in each book and tailored to each kiddie. Laminated and bound which is great because Zeke was reading his while eating his Weetbix this morning - wipe clean yay! They're a hit and were the first things picked up in the morning to read and Zeke is already 'knowing' some of the pages by heart. Also, the books are on CD for the kids and Mum (Nanna) got a bit clever and put some animation on there as well!

Mum has made some of these books before, once when Brooke was about two, with her little friends and a copy for her 'best' mate at the time who she saw a lot. Also there has been a 'Broome adventures' book and I think another one - so they are popular and still well loved here.

Mum and her sister went away to the snow not long ago, and that's where the pics came from for this book, plus of course that touch of 'Nanna' that the kids love. Thanks Mum!

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