Friday, August 01, 2008


Thursday 31st August 13 weeks + 5 days...
Went to doc today just for checkup. I am pleased to have found a doctor I actually like, who doesn't ... belittle what I say and undermine/patronise and who LISTENS... I am also looking forward very much to returning to the Birth Centre in September!

I am generally fairly positive overall but it's getting close to Brenna's time and things are starting to creep in on your thoughts you know? Anyway I asked her can she do the doppler, please I would like to try and hear the heartbeat (not always possible when Baby is so little and dep on placenta position etc) any way she said she would try but no guarantee and YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
woosha-woosha-woosha I got to hear the heartbeat!!! Will be 14 weeks this Saturday (tomorrow). *big grin* I've always felt my babies move 'early' (relatively speaking) and I've been noticing little things for a couple of weeks now - and the night before the doc appt was an especially active one and I just laid there and enjoyed it all. I liken the early movements to a little paintroller slowly gliding/moving, and little tiny 'fish bites' (if you've ever been fishing you'll know that one)!

The 19 week/20 week anatomy scan is coming up (yay!) and I am looking forward to that very much. Only issue I have had so far is low blood pressure (occasionally) which I have rectified with a little extra salt during the day and more water. I've never had high BP ever in pregnancy, it's usually spot on or under so safe bet it's low BP.

I know my BP is low if I get a headache and feel odd. I checked with the doc and she said yep, and she said low BP is something 'good' ie better than high BP. I woke with a headache the other day and by having small amounts of salt (tomato and salt on toast etc) during the day it peaked on and off and finally went away by bedtime - YAY! I figured since if you have high BP, you're encouraged to reduce your salt, then mine being low, I could add a little more salt for the opposite effect. If it wasn't low BP then the salt wouldn't help. BP yesterday was well under average but according to them, great and of course far far better than high!
Dates - by my 'dates' the estimated Birth day for this Baby is 31st Jan, but by ultrasound the date is 2nd February. Baby will make up his/her own mind I say!

That's the update on the Baby-front. Oh except to say we have added some more names to the list... *wink* and I guess you will all just have to wait and see!

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