Saturday, August 02, 2008

On Prefolds...

Saturday 2nd August 14 weeks.
Well, something new in my nappying time, I've done flats, all sorts of fitteds, pockets, AIOs, woollies and so on but have never done prefolds before... so I bought some second hand (36 of them in fact!) in good condition via Buy For Baby and have been practicing with them since they arrived! I never really got why they were called 'prefolds' coz to me, they're not prefolded ha ha but they're essentially a 'sized' flat nappy with extra central panel sewn in. Have sussed out the smallest possible fold and this is what it looks like with a Tommee Tippee nappy pin. I am thinking with some NB covers, it might not even need pinning. Have also worked out how to 'gusset' a folded prefold, like this pic on the far right, and am curious to try them out and see how they go. The second pic on the far left is without the gusset. Am hoping the gusseted prefold will do as any other gusset does and keep the newborn soup poo IN! lol

I was wandering round the shop today (laybyd the New Baby's baby seat today as they were on sale 20/30% off) and we have until December to complete the layby (layby terms have gotten longer it seems!)... anyway and it occured to me as it does every time I'm out, what a consumerist world many people live in, of commercialised and name brand stuff, and how much plastic and synthetic stuff there is, and especially in the 'baby section' - how little natural fibre stuff there is... just an observation really - and I know we participate in it to some extent but wow... definately not to the extreme that's available. I'll be off to Golden Threads for toys for this Baby, or other online stores that are similar, and ahhhhhh that feels better!

And from a comment left here, from another Mum who lost her Daughter also named Brenna, in March this year (coincidentally our Brenna's original EDD) I came across a site where you can create tickers for lost Little Ones, so created this one for Brenna... Ticker

It may seem odd, reading it, to speak of our New Baby in one paragraph and then Brenna in the next, but that's what parents do isn't it - no matter how different their children are.
Always loved and missed... xo


Holli said...

Love the new ticker.

I like to think our Brennas are up there in heaving playing together. I usually don't think like that, but for some reason I think it's too much of a coincidence that they share the same unusual name, and that my Brenna was born on your Brenna's EDD.

Kristy said...

Thanks Holli... I pondered along the same lines as well... who knows hey... and thankyou for pointing me in the direction of the new ticker xo

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