Sunday, August 24, 2008

A multi-post... or hoping that karma (or a lion!) bites HARD...

Well, this is a multi purpose post thread as you'll see! We went away with Michael's Parents to Green Head, then to the Auskick meet/play/trophy presentation on the way home at Whiteman Pk, carpark 15 we parked in. Between DH and I managed to keep an eye on the kids (very busy at Whiteman park and people everywhere) and all went well. Back to the car, went to put my things away in my bag and...
you guessed it...

BOTH my Kirrily bags... gone.
Now (a) I never leave my bags in the car apart from this time of course, and might I add they were BURIED under jackets and blankets etc having just made the 3 hour drive so there was NOTHING visible from looking in except lunch boxes, books, kids stuff and the back full of clothes, bags, esky, food etc, (b) my bag was only in the car by chance idiot idiot idiot and I nearly took it with me & I nearly came back to the car twice while we were there (c) the car self locks...
so how the hell did they get in?

Well... if a door is left slightly ajar, then the auto-lock doesn't engage... see where I'm going?... & I pressed the button to lock it as I walked away but since I didn't look to check the lights flashed (they won't if a door is ajar) I didn't know a door wasn't fully closed, and I ALWAYS check that the lights flash lol So luck and circumstance was on 'their' side today and did they ever score.

Both my Kirrily bags, wallet (never ever has money it lol but this time $150 because I had worked extra hours so that I would HAVE some 'just in case money' to take), all my cards, licence, etc, my FLYlady CJ, papers, forms for the Birth Centre, medications for us from being away, my little heart that I was given by the midwife when Brenna was born , photos of the kids, J & I the year before he was killed, Brenna's memorial cards, pic of Michael&I on our first 'date' to the beach 16odd years ago, and a little 'joined' shell that looked like Angel Wings that I had collected on the beach this weekend, the camera battery charger, plus the usual stuff you have in your bags. (wish there was a dirty nappy in there for them!)
I had the camera and the mobiles with me.

Bonus is of course, there are far far worse things to happen to us in the world, as so many of us, if not all, know. And it's funny because I'm not even angry... just... well not much really. In the relative scheme of our life it's nothing, yk? But if posting here means someone finds the bag that Kirrily worked so hard to make, then yay!

So, apart from hoping Karma (or a lion...) bite them on the rear down the track (are you allowed to hope that? is THAT bad Karma?) and just having a groan of the inconvenience and... personal thingy of what was stolen, if any of you lovely WAers lol see a Kirrily bag walking down the street it will be interesting to know where it came from (please don't accuse anyone on my behalf lol) - more importantly if you're at Whitman Pk or surrounding areas, and spot it, then thanks heaps if you can pick it up. The bags Kirrily made for me look like this. And mine is the only one in black, the others Kirrily made in that print are in brown.

We are guessing they went through it, took the cash and cards and dumped the rest (somewhere) ... which is annoying obviously but it's the senseless waste of personal items you know - take the money just leave the bags in the car, with all my other stuff still there?... yK
so we did a look through surrounding bush, creeks etc and checked the bins, reported it to the Park management, reported to the Police etc.

I figure they don't know what they have (the Kirrily bag) and am hoping they leave it somewhere and someone finds it. So between Nappycino, EB WA board, school and general email, plus the Whiteman Pk people (it's a big place) that that's pretty good odds of someone finding it.

Extra thing to think about is this is just one time when luck and circumstance have been not in our favour and I have to remember all the times when luck and circumstance HAS been in our favour, and be thankful for that.

We are all ok, the house is ok the kids are okay and Bub is wiggling away inside as I type... I've been FLYing again, and tea is ready with nearly no effort on my behalf (much nicer when you get home from being away with unpacking etc to do) and I will go to bed warm and loved tonight so hey in the big scheme of things it's just an 'annoyance' really

So thanks for reading and keeping your eyes peeled if you're in WA. I'm writing this off as 'just one of those things' and being thankful for all the things that go right. Jake was the only one to catch a fish this weekend and the kids were rapt with their medals from Auskick hope you all had a decent weekend. Kristy.

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MissyMoo84 said...

That bites. Scum :( Hope someone spots it and you get it back. Especially with the photos and special things that were in it.
Glad you are looking on the bright side though :) I had a baby bag stolen off the back of my pram one day... really sucked but lucky for me I had my purse in my hand (with $560 in it) and nothing but Jaidans things in the bag so I hope they enjoyed it.
Glad bub is moving and growing well.

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