Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brooke's 9th Birthday

Last week, we had Birthday dinner at Grandma and Grandad's. This is where I got the idea for Brooke's table for her party last night. Grandma did a great job decorating and I did borrow the table ideas. Brooke was also very lucky in the gifts she received.

Last night we had Brooke's Birthday party to celebrate her 9th Birthday. She chose a pyjama dinner party so imagine seven 8/9 year olds in cute winter pyjamas, sitting at a table laid out with wine glasses (for juice) and serviettes.

Here's her cake... just something simple this year, (compared to the other cakes I've made anyway) choc cake on the bottom layer, vanilla on the top - the vanilla at Brooke's request. Vanilla frosting done in 'rustic' finish, huge yummy strawberries and silver sparkler candles. The outside row of strawberries are cut with the bottoms on a slight angle so they sit right on the cake, and they are also skewered in, to prevent them sliding off. Added extra, they are the 'formwork' if you like and stop the inner berries from moving as well.

Table was laid with red table cloth, silver and red stars sprinkled up the middle, wine glass with white napkins, large white dinner plates etc so really ready for a 'dinner party' - plus the birthday balloons in a large bunch hanging from the fan with silver ribbon curls hanging down. Some of the voices and antics of the girls putting on their 'posh' voices at dinner and instructing the others on 'etiquette' were really funny. We had two vegetarians in attendence, so home made vegetarian lasagne, baked potato with sour cream and spring onion garnish, and a fresh sald on a large platter. All went down well. Lolly/thankyou bags also vegetarian friendly and with some non-lolly items as well. Pass the parcel, dancing comps, limbo and a heap of other games played. Stories read towards the end. I didn't think they'd eat a whole piece of cake each (remember it is a double layer cake so two cakes on top of each other) but they all did!

Jake and Zeke joined in with a couple of the girls (as they do at school) holding his hand and helping him with the games, looking after him etc. Hope you had a great night Brooke!

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MissyMoo84 said...

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Happy birthday to Brooke!

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