Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet 'The Girls' (the chook ones)

Here's the girls as the current flock stands.  Our shire regulations permit a maximum of 6 chooks, so 'come on down' girls and let's meet the people!

Comby/Combless (Leghorn).  So named because compared to the other girls she has much less of a comb. A middle of the pecking order kinda gal who just goes about being a chook with the occasional 'reminder' to a lower order chook.

Mud (Isa).  Mud is one of the two newest girls and despite settling-in-jitters I think is actually the friendliest of them all.  All the girls are reasonably friendly and will hang out alongside you when you're gardening but she almost seems to come up to you for a pat and will happily stand there and let Master 4 pat her, no problem.  It's hard to see in the photo but she has quite definite changes in her pattern from her neck/head area, main body/breast and then her tail... and I've never seen a chook 'wag' it's tail like a dog before but she does - maybe because she hung out with ducks and geese where she came from?

Everest (Leghorn).  One of the 'new girls'.  She is a good cross between an inquisitive toddler and an all-over-the-place teen.  Very skittish and very adventurous.  Not shy from the other girls though and always pushes it to see how far she can go.  She's the youngest of them all so it will be interesting to see how things go as she gets older.  Her face/comb is much lighter than Comby so we are hoping it stays this way so we can tell them apart when they are both the same size.

Nicoal (Australorpe).  Her name is so spelt because of her colour.  Nicole is the quieter of the 'old girls', goes broody often enough (which doesn't bother me except when she starts to loose condition, so we combat this by keeping them out of their yard all day, with food and water but no access to the nesting box) and is generally just herself... although we certainly know about it when an egg is produced!  Lays lovely white eggs, according to the action the other day (it was hard to know who laid what when they were all laying).  She was the first of the 'old girls' to go in with the 'new girls' and is the least 'pecky' of them all.

Snow White (Leghorn).  Carries herself quite regally, almost with her 'nose' in the air and is the cleanest chook you will ever meet.  The other girls will have been having fun in the mud but Snow White is perfectly clean.  I am not sure how she does it.  She also has whiter feathers than the other 'old girls' so this probably helps.  She seems very 'proper' and makes me laugh sometimes.  'Princess' Snow White really does suit her on all fronts.  However, she was not at all afraid to tell the 'new girls' that they were beneath her when they came.  Apart from that she seems quite shy but maybe she just thinks she is more regal than the rest.

Spots (Leghorn).  The 'boss' most of the time.  Though you can't see it very well in the photo, Spots has scatterings of black markings.  She also has different colour/looking eyes ie they do not match, and I am not sure if one of them was damaged when she was a chick.  Maybe it's her battle scars or something from getting to the top of the chook-orporate ladder.  Who knows.  She doesn't seem to be 100% at the moment and it's really hard to know how to know exactly where to start.  I'll just keep ticking off the obvious and go from there.

So that's our girls.  Feel free to link to an intro to the 'girls' at your place :)

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