Monday, March 04, 2013

Red, White & Green Bows - Maria Anna Handmade Pasta

I saw these on the Mr Fresh Facebook page and when I went there to get our Bannister Downs and Sunnydale milk in glass, I saw some and decided to add them to my purchases.  You can read why I was rapt to find Mr Fresh here.  So this is what I saw and what came home with me - Maria Anna handmade pasta.  Admittedly, there's so much at Mr Fresh that I like that it's an exercise in restraint, but I figured I could stretch these out as a main with plan pasta, or serve as a side dish.

Then I got them home and they sat on the bench for a couple of days - just to admire them!  They're so well made - not local, admittedly, but handmade and the green colour is via spinach and the maroon colour is via chard.  Brooke was having a sleepover movie night with two friends so I thought perfect opportunity.  I added the Maria Anna to 1.5 packs of standard bow tie pasta.  I put the standard pasta in first as the 'Fantasy Butterflies' said it only took 5 minutes.  Turns out I should have given the standard pasta a fraction longer before adding the Maria Anna because it did cook much faster.

not to worry.  It was served up with pasta sauce, and some yummy local cheese, by Brunswick Dairy Company as well as the Celtic Soda Bread that I was recipe testing for.

Yum all round I think.  Oh and then a batch of fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon scrolls went down well for the movie night later on.

Happy weekending all.

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