Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Haul - And a Day of Firsts in the Garden

Here's the little haul.  A bit pathetic really in the grand scheme of things as it's hardly likely to feed us for a meal let alone a week.  But I have to keep reminding myself that when the fruit trees are bigger, and producing more, and I manage to build the extra garden beds ... that the harvest will be slightly more.  That there is ebb and flow in gardens, times of plenty and times of not much at all.  It's just a bit disheartening sometimes is all, because the ideal of 'majority self-reliance' seems so far away.


This morning's pick (minus leafy stuff and herbs).  Granny Smith, Zebra Tomato, chillis, red capsi, black capsi, green capsi, red pear toms, yellow lemon cherry tom and some other long red cherry tom.

Our little morning haul with Zebra Tom up top and Granny Smith at bottom

and my little bit of excitement for the day - FIRST Granny Smith Apple.  I have been trying to be so patient but today I looked and looked and looked at it and thought surely it could be ready?  Oh boy it even LOOKS like a 'real' apple!  I know I know it is a real apple, but you know what I mean.

First Granny Smith Apple

FIRST Green Zebra Tomato.  This one had been firm on the vine the other times I'd checked it and started to soften in the last few days.  It's going to take some working out as to when the zebra toms are ready but I thought I'd give it a crack.

First Green Zebra Tomato

The Granny Smith was very very very tart, according to Brooke's face when she taste tested it.  I needed to wait a bit longer.  I think I kinda guessed that when I took it off the tree and the stem was still green.  Nevermind.  Two more on the tree and hopefully since they have one less to compete with, they will grow better and be less work for the tree.

The Zebra Tom was apparently very nice, Brooke said and would go great with ham.  Husband said it could have done with a couple more days but was nice.  So I'll keep going and growing and learning.  Maybe I should look at cooch/couch (grass, like a weed but nastier in terms of getting rid of it) for a meal (I vaguely remember reading you can eat it somewhere but obviously haven't been desperate enough to try it)... certainly plenty of the stuff around.


Niki Jones said...

Wow all looks great. Bit like our passionfruit they were a bit tart too, but another season or two & I reckon they will be heavenly. I was wondering did you ever get your soil tested for the pesticide residue from the termite treatment our areas had done in the 70's(was on today tonight) or ever tested it for lead. We haven't but it is always in the back of my mind.

Kristy said...

Hey Niki. I 'published' this one but it didn't show up, so went back and found it. sorry if you thought I just hadn't answered x

yes, fingers crossed for both your passionfruit and our apples. Maybe apple muffins with passionfruit icing? lol

no, I haven't had the soil tested but (a) have thought about it and (b) for the garden beds at least, most of it is 'new' soil. not so for the fruit trees so testing is on the list for nasties, as well as just for what it's generally deficient in.

Hope your week has been good to you. Will pop over to your place to have a squiz hopefully tonight x

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